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Gossip Girl Fetish? You’ll Love Hammitt Handbags.

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We cannot help but lust after Gossip Girl looks, so we’re thrilled to have access to some of the girls’ favorite bags from Hammitt. Jenny Humphrey loves her red patent Brentwood, which you won’t find in any other store, while Vanessa opts for the Westwood in leopard. Headbands were so 2009, but handbags are forever. Oh, and did we mention that these bags are seriously on sale? Get shopping!


Vanessa’s Leopard Westwood packs a punch!


Flashy schoolgirl style with the Brentwood in red patent.


Fashion Rewind: Vanessa’s Hammitt LA Westwood Bag from Gossip Girl 309

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Vanessa made her way through the concrete jungle of Manhattan on Gossip Girl with a little help from her wild Hammitt Los Angeles handbag. To help her turquoise baubles and red sandy leathers really pop, she toted along the Westwood Calf Hair Bag in Leopard.

Hammitt Los Angeles was a hit in the SeenON! Private Sale a few weeks ago. But if you missed your chance to swoop up the bag that made Vanessa’s outfit a hit in the “They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They?” episode of Season 3, there’s still time to make it yours. 

The details worth gossiping about? The suede-lined interior is accented by 24-karat gold plated hardware and polished zipper closures. Concerned about storage? This bag has cell phone pockets and even an exterior pocket on the front panel for easy access to all your makeup essentials. Get it here!

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Photo courtesy of The CW.