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Fashion Forward: Melinda’s Wool Moschino Pea Coat from Ghost Whisperer 506

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Melinda is haunted by a new kind of ghost when the Headless Horseman from the Legend of Sleepy Hallow decides to taunt her family in tonight’s “Head Over Heals” episode of Ghost Whisperer

What’s haunting us? Melinda’s Moschino black wool and velvet pea coat that will accompany her Halloween look. We’ve searched everywhere for it online, and, unfortunately, we think it’s vintage. All hope is not lost, however. We found this double-breasted Boy. Pea Coat from Barneys which captures all the same delicious details to help you achieve the style. Our fave? The glistening gold hardware that offers a lux finishing touch on this warm winter piece.

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Fashion Flashback: Melinda’s Trina Turk Beatnik Vest from Ghost Whisperer 504

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We’ve got to hand it to Melinda, and not just because she was courageous enough to approach a gang of misfits in broad daylight seeking answers… alone!

We applaud Melinda’s street savvy look from Friday’s “Do Over” episode of Ghost Whisperer. She layered this Trina Turk Beatnik Vest over a white cotton shirt and instantly created a winning fall look.


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frugalista knows that a fitted tweed vest like Melinda’s is a chic investment that will survive the seasons. Wear it over your favorite long-sleeves, short-sleeves and even dresses to suddenly expand your wardrobe possibilities twofold.

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Shoptalk: Melinda’s Black Dresses from Ghost Whisperer 503

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Hi SeenON!  I’m wondering about last week’s Ghost Whisperer – Til Death Do Us Start. Melinda wore two beautiful black dresses. One was at the beginning and the other at the funeral. Would you be able to find out where I can buy them? Thanks a lot!!! – Mona


You’re in luck, Mona! We jumped back to the continuity shots for this one. Melinda wore this hot Alexander Wang number in the beginning scene where Eli’s father is admitted to the hospital. Unfortunately, the black strapless dress worn at the funeral is Jennifer Love’s own.

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Shoptalk: Melinda Gordon’s White Rabbit V Neck from Ghost Whisperer 501

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Hi SeenON! I recently submitted a question about finding a “white rabbit” T-shirt that Melinda Gordon was wearing on Ghost Whisperer in Season 5 Episode 1 (501). Well, I found it!!! It’s so cute and only $24 at Urban Outfitters. Thought everyone would like to know! -Amanda

Nice find Amanda! A very pregnant Melinda wore this White

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Rabbit V Neck exclusive to Urban Outfitters in the opening scenes of the “Birthday Presence” episode of Ghost Whisperer. Topped with a sketchbook-style graphic of Alice’s white rabbit, this cool tee can be a playful layering piece or perfect all on its own.

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Fashion Flashback: Melinda Gordon’s Opening Ceremony Mock Neck Tank from Ghost Whisperer 502

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Did you catch it? Or were you too distracted by the steamy romance between Melinda and Jim in the “See No Evil” episode of Ghost Whisperer to notice Melinda in this Opening Ceremony Mock Neck Tank?

A cotton blend cropped crewneck in green, this sleeveless top was enough to make Jim want to take the night off and take Melinda straight to bed. Paige Premium Denim jeans and blue canvas Converse sneakers complete Melinda’s irresistible look from this episode.

Want to leave the man in your life paralyzed? Take this look all the way like Melinda and pair with a silver diamond stud tennis bracelet on the left wrist and white gold Cartier on the right.

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We’re In Love: Melinda Gordon’s Catherine Malandrino Silk Top from Ghost Whisperer 501

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In tonight’s “Birthday Presence” episode of Ghost Whisperer, Melinda Gordon will be wearing this Catherine Malandrino Froisse Silk Top.

Why are we in love? To be perfectly honest, we always get excited when we see this beautiful intermediary in a burst of color. And this frilly pink top is just what the medium ordered for a bold season premiere entrance.  

How does Melinda finish the outfit? Look forward to seeing her pair this hot piece with A.G. Jeans, taupe suede boots and a cool Mike & Chris black knit jacket.

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Photo courtesy of CBS.