Star Accessories: How-To Style Your Scarf and Belt


Our accessories sale today got us thinking about all the different ways to style with scarves and belts (like the ever-creative Nicole Richie). It’s amazing how something so simple can add so much to your look.

We’ve put together a little how-to guide of our favorite ways to accessorize with these wardrobe superstars. Check it out, then pick up some great scarves and belts on SeenOn to start accessorizing like a star.

Simple loop seen on Jennifer Aniston: Hold the scarf horizontally in front of you, wrap the ends around the back of your neck and let the tails of each fall forward. Tie in a loose knot.

Knotted ends seen on Rachel Bilson: Tie each end of your scarf, then drape it around the back of your neck, letting each end hang down the front. The weight of the knots will keep it in place. (Rachel chose to left her’s untied for a more casual look.)

Kerchief seen on Rihanna: Fold the scarf diagonally so it creates a triangle. Take the long ends and wrap behind your neck, leaving the pointed end of the triangle hanging in front of you. Tie in a knot behind your neck, or (if the scarf is large) wrap the ends around to the front and tuck underneath the whole of the scarf to hide. (Note: This works best with a square scarf.)

Turtleneck seen on Jessica Alba: With a chunky, rectangular scarf, wrap the ends around the back of your neck then bring forward. Tighten the scarf, tie in front, then tuck the knot under the scarf so it is hidden and only the ends hang down. (Note: With even longer scarves, double wrap around your neck like Jessica did here.)

Fake infinity scarf seen on Jessica Alba: The infinity is in right now, but you can make your old scarves work double duty. With a long, rectangular scarf, tie the ends together in a small knot. Wrap the entire loop around your neck twice, keeping the knot hidden at the knape of your neck. Adjust to your liking.

The vest, a great idea that we picked from our friend Sydney of The Daybook: Take a long, rectangular scarf and tie in a small knot, drape over your neck letting the front

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hang down. Put a belt on over the scarf to define the waist.

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