Real Housewives of NYC

Real Housewives of NYC

Hot News: The Real Housewives of New York’s Bethenny Frankel To Have Own Show

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Bethenny Frankel has risen to fame as the most opinionated and independent of the women featured on the ‘Real Housewives of New York City‘.  The sharp-tongued, witty baker from the Bravo hit is reportedly getting her own spin-off reality show which will chronicle her life as a natural foods chef and bestselling author, as well as her romance with boyfriend (and rumored fiancé) Jason Hoppy. The new show will be called “Skinny & The City”. Life & Style Magazine also reports that the reality star is working on a second book about “romance, money and friends” inspired by ‘Housewives’ co-star Kelly Killoren Bensimon.



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Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa’s New “Look”

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Now that Teresa from The Real Housewives of New Jersey got her new “bubbies,” we have to ask… whose Real Housewives  style should she emulate?


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Poll: Most Memorable Outfits from The Real Housewives of NYC

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As we bid adieu to a very memorable season of The Real Housewives of New York City, I find myself in a reflective mood.  Therefore this week’s Real Housewives Fashion Recap will look back at the most noteworthy outfits from Season 2.


Each character has a unique style and this season the ladies seemed even more confident in displaying it. Whether it was Ramona with her Lilly Pulitzer byday and metallic minis by night, or Kelly’s “Look at me, I am Bohemian” tunics, there was no shortage of looks to choose from for the “Most Memorable Outfit” category.

However, I have shed blood, sweat and tears going through the numerous looks from this season, and have come up with the following. Which are your faves?

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Style Spotlight – Bethenny from the Real Housewives of NY

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When it comes to the myriad of “characters” that make up the Real Housewives, no one compares to Bethenny Frankel, from The Real Housewives of New York City.  Not only is Bethenny the most down-to-earth and humble of the ladies, she is kicking-butt with her culinary career (BethennyBakes) and still appears to remain accessible.  (Oh and she has “supposedly” been spotted going on dates with  Yankee’s bad boy, Alex Rodriguez, which doesn’t necessarily make me like her less/more, but I just read about that so I thought I would mention it.)


Personality and baseball aside, Bethenny has a distinct style that separates her from the rest of  the “Six in the City”.  In our interview with Bethenny, she told us that her style is “classic, flirty and slightly sexy.”  While Bethenny claims that the two staples in her wardrobe are Levi’s and white J.Crew tank tops, she can definitely turn it up if need be. On last night’s episode for example, Bethenny rocked a black cap sleeve Zac Posen dress and sexy peep-toe Louboutins.


Bethenny also tells SeenON! that her go-to pants for the gym are Gap fold-over yoga pants and her favorite piece of jewelery is her Cartier tank francaise gold watch with diamonds.

Whether it is budget or high-end, Bethenny always looks great!

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Real Housewives of New York City: Best Costume Poll

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Halloween is by far one of the best holidays of the year! I think those who are into fashion take particular enjoyment in this holiday as we have an excuse to give ourselves a whole new style for the day.  And this was no exception for The Real Housewives of New York, as displayed on last night’s episode.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon came (late) to her party as a Playboy Bunny, Ramona and her dog rocked Robin Hood get-ups, and Bethenny showed up as a hot Roller Girl ala Boogie Nights.

If it was my vote, I would give best costume to LuAnn as a sexy Native American. 

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Poll – Real Housewives of New York

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Fashion Spoiler! Jill’s Tennis Outfit on Real Housewives of New York

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It may not be Wimbledon and she may not serve like Serena, but Jill will sporting a cute tennis outfit on tonight’s Real Housewives of New York.  Jill is wearing a Tail Tennis Match Point Cardio Tank and matching ColorBlock Skort.  And while we can’t tell you who wins this much hyped match, you can be sure that it is dramatic!

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Real Housewives of NY – Kelly’s Owl Obsession

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Okay, last night’s episode of Real Housewives of New York was WILD!  My jaw dropped so many times that I think I have to have my dentist surgically repair it. And coupled with the news that the Count and the Countess are divorcing and Page Six reporting that no one wants to hang out with poor little Avery , I am waiting and the edge of my seat for what is going to come next.  But alas, this blog is about fashion seen on The Real Housewives of New York so I will leave the gossipping to the gossipers and focus on Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s owl obsession.

If you have been watching the show this season you know that it is impossible to miss the owl’s that find their way into Kelly’s life.  Our first introduction to Kelly had her running the streets of New York (in front of a cab?!?) in a long-sleeved tee with an owl outlined on the front.  A few episodes later, we have Kelly going through fashion week invites and there is a strategically placed owl sweater on her table. And then we have last night’s episode where there was no holding back on the owl love.  Throughout the episode (and various costume errr… outfit changes) Kelly was rocking a large gold owl necklace.

So what is with the owls? Well it turns out that Kelly has collaborated with the husband and wife team behind the brand lisli to create a line of sweaters and tees emblazoned with an owl.  The tees can be purchased here but the sweaters are hard to find. Kelly also has a jewelry line that was inspired by “something that Jackie O. would have worn in Capri or Talitha Getty would have worn on the Riviera .”  Her owl necklaces can be purchased at Owl’, fittingly.  No word yet on any other owl collaborations, or some deep meaning behind them, but now you know where you too call get your owl fix!

P.S. Here is another random video of Kelly rocking her owl tee, again…

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